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The audio quality is poor. so just try and listen carefully, its funny!


Somewhat funny

This was somewhat funny but needs more improved humor, like more jokes, more stuff that is more on the "RANDOM" side of things, just more stuff that will grasp the user and give them a laugh or two give it abit more effort with humor, aswell as abit more content on backrounds and more animation, other then that it was just ok.

Some random humor would be nice, mmore effort in that area

Needs more humore but is pretty good for what it is.


heh, another phone call flash

For a flash that uses the 'angry telephone man' idea to work, two things have to be working in harmony: The sound quality and the jokes. The graphics could be better, but there is a background at least, even if the animation's minimal. Still, the sound quality was not very good, and it sounded like it was done through the phone, in a strange irony. The jokes I could understand through the static weren't that impressive either.

I dunno...

I'm kind of sick of these phone call recordings being used to make flashes, they are not funny in the first place maybe mildly amusing at times but mostly just annoying, and on top of that, no effort was made in the way of graphics, and the stuff going on in the background is random to the point of being "counter-funny"

The poor sound quality and turd jokes ruined it

Had this movie not had all them stupid turd jokes in it and ahd a better sound quality it could have been a good movie, but it wasn't, the idea to this was funny but the sound was poor and you couldn't make out what was being said and yeah you used that turd joke way too many times, it wasn't even funny the first time, each time after that just took the piss.


Not bad its a shame u can hardly hear what he is saying

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2.36 / 5.00

May 31, 2000
3:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Original