April fools TN6 preview

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Preview for Tomorrow's Nobodies episode 6.

Yes that's the new David and Eric designs, and I guess sort of a hint at what the animation is going to be like (if you're still wanting to think it's _actually_ a preview)



Nice one. Liked the preview. Now get on with making the real thing!

That series is all good

But this was dumb everyone votes good just because its a good series if I actually got a movie I would vote higher this was kinda stupid.


Shit yeah, my animation is also like that, well, sieng how i am workin with generally morbid, u guys kickass



Goodluck you guys.
I totally love the drawing/animation style.
Currently working on a series of my own,
My style is kinda like what yuo had before.
Ill shape up over time though.
Anyways, I got offtrack. Great preview for your style, I'll always be a big supporter of TN, And I can't wait to see yer future episodes, they almost make me piss myself. =D


Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

What... that thing in your profile that looks like a horrible rip-off of the old Chris design? Our future episodes make you piss yourself? R U frum teh FUTURE!?111

Holy crap I love you guys

You have been in favorite artist list in my profile since I joined NG. Dont listen to these guys talkin shit about your new animation. It looks great and I cant wait for the new series. Besides its for the best anyway because the old animation doesnt even look like you guys anymore. I went to your website and looked through all the features. Youve come a long way. Its funny that you just now got the bitchin Macromedia program and new microphone cuz it looked and sounded great before. (By the way can you tell me what kind of microphone you used to use. Im trying to make flash but when i record my voice its fuzzy) Anyway...keep it up. You guys are the shit.

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

It's just a plain microphone... I'd recommend buying one of those cheap USB mics, they have about no noise... and record at a high quality...

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Apr 1, 2004
10:41 PM EST
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