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xX_stickass intro_Xx

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Author Comments

Yeah, its the intro!
um the pre-loader isn't working
sorry bout that. i will fix it.

pre=loader has been fixed.

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...iv seen better

the idea is good but the overall effect is kinda..lousey
the blood room battle was good but some of the other scenes really need some work. maybe if you work at it a bit more it cud really turn into something basic, bloody and funny like the real jackass.

idiot 10 year old

Not that good April 8, 2004

Reviewed by: DevilsLittleHelper Overall Score: 4

I like sticks but it was cheesy comedy, and wasnt that cool

good point, but then again hes just a stupid 10 year old who is trying to be funny oh yea,

Author's response:

shut up

WHAT THE HELL ....cant you handle good critisism? is that all you can say, shut up? boy, you should hang yourself because you just wasted my time viewing this repetetive, boring piece of shit, oh and learn to spell, i mean random guitarst?

Not that good

I like sticks but it was cheesy comedy, and wasnt that cool

stickmasterno2 responds:

shut up

What the ... ??

That was realy strange, and why did that guitar guy get some big ass solo? If it was supposed to be funny when the rock fell on his head, it wasnt. Also, sticks messin' up on skate bords isnt new...


It caught me, this was well made and made me want more so i will be looking for the first one soon, good effects with the sticks there in front then pull away to action, really cool, cant wait...