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NG Time Trial IV Group B

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Author Comments

Freek_Sk8er's part was fixed and is now working properly. It is now the correct length it was supposed to be.

Group B Editon of NewGrounds Time Trial Challenge IV!

Mr. Luis says:
"Another Time Trial Challenge with more new participants. For this challenge the participants had to work within a set title. As usual the deadline was set as 3 days, this is Group B."

Enjoy Everyoe.

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Was very good indeed, you all need to make more! Marduk commands it! I loved how the spoon went crazy with the gun, spoons are evil.


Why was the preloading part so good, and the cartoons crappy?? I mean, in the last one, the bullet clearly went onto his elbow, and blood came outof his stomach! WTF? The only one I liked was the silverware one. It was the best animated out off all of them.

Everything all under one roof

This was really good I liked your random collections style as if you rushed it like you were trying to complete a task as shown on the preloader.
Anyway I had different impressions about each flash by each artist so rather than group them all unfairly I'll generously go through them one at a time:
Hatter Clock- I kind of liked this etchy sketchy style and the music was good and so was the presentation, how you summed it all up in the beginning which was interesting. It was the randomness I liked but the thing was the animation was a little jerky and the graphics were really bad, mostly because of those grey boxes around the spoon, fork and knife which made it look ugly :s In fact the graphics in general of the silverware was bad apart from when the spoon had a face, the other two didn't have a face which is a shame, they should have all had faces throughout because this then would have been so much better. The story behind it was good though and it really examined the issue of secret affairs which I respected.
J_sMoOtH- In general this was a really original and hilarious submission to watch, the whole story of the cookies coming alive and trying to escape was really fun to watch! However, though the presentation was excellent the graphics and music is what let it down. The graphics were very MS Paint looking so you should clear this up and the sound wasn't too great because the microphone was very muffly. Fix this though and it'll be great :)
Freek_Sk8er - what can I say? This was excellent! The graphics and the way you put lines over the robbers to emphasize the clothes they were wearing was excellent, and the whole 'Botched-up robbery' style was hilarious and original, especially the sign saying 'We've never been robbed!' at the Rich Store. The only thing I would suggest is to put some sound in as vocies but I think it works well. Overall though very nice with a funny moral at the end.
Seizure_Dog- I liked this action-packed slapstick style you were trying to pull off here, the music was good and the way this was a 'chained reaction' flash with disaster after disaster happening was really interesting to watch. I felt the black and white style here worked but if you are going to use B+W I think you should make it a little more detailed. The overall content of it was filled with lots of action and it was very dramatic. Well done.
And last but not least....
Dark_Drako- I thought the whole moral of this was good and the halo style I noticed interested me but the presentation wasn't so good. Not enough happened and though the graphics were excellent there was no sound which is a shame because it gave the whole thing a very 'Unfinished' feel.

Overall to all of you a very interesting collection of flashes it was many things rolled into one. I also admired how you all worked together in a group to come up with this collection and the time trial aspect? In like that, I like it a lot. Well done =D

You have all just been reviewed by

No wonder this is group B. These fucking blow.

None of these displayed any ounce of creativity or skill. Suck.


HatterClock:I wouldn't say it was a succes but it was nice...
J_sMoOtH:I can see right from here: betreyal is your middle name! Way to go!
Seizure_Dog:So much for betrayer...
Dark_Drako:As always your movie SUCKS!


Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2004
6:28 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 27, 2004