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I protected this movie! I gotta watch that cool little angel video.. I PWN!

rudiger2 responds:

glad you potected and glad you voted a 10 :D


Dude, this is awesome. Im not sure if this was supposed to happen or note, but about half way thru the song the screen went all white but the audio kept going. i guess thats just as far as you've gotten. Keep it up, i look forward to the finished product.

rudiger2 responds:

i know thats when the preview ends. anyway i'm glad you enjoyed and it should hopefully be fineshed soon


i could have sworn ive seen this before or somthing i dont know though, the whole thing is ok i guess, nothing too new or too interesting

rudiger2 responds:

yeah this song has been done alot. anyway thanx 4 the review

Want feedback huh?

Alright then. This was good, however... At one point, all I had was a white screen, while the music was still going.

Was that supposed to be the end or something? Work on actually giving more immagery, or cutting off the music at a certain point if you were supposed to be done after the image of the kid with the hockey stick faded to white.

Other than that. This seemed to have some kind of profound... something or other to it. Can't really say I was able to figure out what it was getting at. But then again, it was just a preview.

rudiger2 responds:

it goes white at that point because thats were ht preview ends. it'll be done soon

pretty good!

it was good even though the pictures were a bit blurry. But the music mad world went well w/the pictures. you could make it better by putting more pictures in the submission to finish up the flsh b/c. in like 1/2 way through the song after the hockey stick person w/the hurley sweater faded away, the screen went blank. unless you intentionally made it that way.
good job

rudiger2 responds:

yeah that was whe the preview ended. sorry if that confused you. and glad you enjoyed it.

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2.31 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2004
4:39 PM EST
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