Zero adventures !

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This is a great megaman movie !! it took me alot of time to make this movie ! Watch the credits if you want to know where i got the sprites and the music !!

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You made megaman evil? Cool! Oh, and by the way, that version of megaman is named X. I figured if you knew Zero you should at least know X. Or did you just say megaman because everyone else says X? Please respond. MetroidMan, eNd TrAnSmIsSiOn /O_o

You did a whole story of MegamanX and MegamanZero?

Omg lol. Sorry but you did a whole Meagaman X and Megaman Zero story in one flash lol. In Megaman Zero, Megaman is the bad guy lol. Sadly to say but I think that Sigma got whooped by Zero :D. No great effort place here and if that was your best, you need to wacth more Megaman flash. I can't do any flash so in a way, your pretty good. I give you a 7 cause it was funny with action and storyline all in one speed. It was so weird, I really liked it lol.


i don think megaman would want to kill zero in real life


pretty good, make the next one longer, the backgrounds needed to have better resolution though....


I think you have a good idea...and it wasn't horrible I think you could have added more depth though...it went kind of quick and wasn't that interesting

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2004
1:54 PM EST
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