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News 7 : Episode 1

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Ok, this is sort of a news parody with your host Randy Asslover...enjoy and reviews on the movie and how to get better are always welcome.

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All in all, it kind of sucked.

It was good, but the over abundance of penis jokes was very old; not to mention unfunny. Voices were bad, graphics were bad. This wasn't that good.


I know you were trying to be funny, but damn, that sucked my balls.


you seem to be kinda obsessed with the penis the sound was not that grate and the graphics where kinda bad to

Eh... nothing special or unique.

The guy's voice was annoying, and if you wanted it to be funny... you should have played off the actual news shows. Such as, report nothing but death and bad things, instead of a guy smoking a "Magical Cigarrette." Also... what was with the Alice Cooper diss?

You had some grammar errors as well. With the twins joined at their heads, you said "There books" when it should be "their books." And when the horny black guy said you would not believe your eyes, you added in a apostraphy, so he said: You would not believe your eye's. Well, nothing big but thought you'd like to know.

TheGuyWhoShotBambi responds:

Umm yeah...thanks....Alice Cooper's great I was not dissin' him.
Thx for the review

Kinda gay..

Well it was funny but its a little too gay for me, some of it was kind of stupid and pointless also. Other than that i guess it was alright..