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NG TimeTrial II group A

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Author Comments

"The 2nd challenge in the NG Time Trial Challenge series. As usual the series is all about tight deadlines and mixing different talents. The challenge for this episode was to create a story out of the opening statement below.
"you wake up from bed".
This is group A's solution. Group B will be featured tmrw.
Stay tuned for the next NG TT!


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I really love sa1nt3chs skit. Made me lol big!


the robot part is funny


what does he mean i'm on the wrong planet??XD XD

Another good Time Trial

Having a theme to the entries certainly puts the Authors under more pressure to come up with a story to go with it as opposed to the original which was just ANY movie.

Sqeezy's Entry
I quite enjoyed this, even if it didn't make a lick of sense. The music was good, and there was some nice fluid animation to it. If there was a message to this, which I suspect there wasn't, then it must be hidden so well...

Justy's Entry

Definiotely the low point of the entry for me. Obviously with the Time Trial there is going to be people with varying degrees of Flash experience, and this seemed like someone who was very inexperienced. Very minimal animation, the graphics themselves were pretty basic and bad looking, and it seems he tried to convey a message, but it didn't come across so well.

s1nt3ch's Entry

Quite an enjoyable entry this, probably my favourite. The 3d modeling here looked pretty good, and it was a slightly different idea than the others for the set up, which barely works (no bed?). still, it looked great, and had a good punchline too it, even if it was somewhat telegraphed

Draxmillian's Entry

This was ok, the idea behind it was sound, but the delivery of it was quite heavy-handed, especially when you just plaster it up there at the end of it. Seemed like quite a stereotypically harsh prison environment, and the characters quick turn from someone who's just entered prison to murder-suicide seemed quite silly.

Numberclock's Entry

Now this was just quite silly wasn't it? It looked like it may have had an ok set up to start with, possibly about the monotony of day to day life, where everything stays the same, and the feeling of stagnation that goes with it. Then the stupid skating stuff happened. Terrible graphics at this point, and pretty bad animation too. Was slightly amused by the random guitarist for 96 Quite Bitter Things, then the random monkey just came in. It seems you didn't really have an idea for what to do for this, so you just threw everything at the wall, and waited to see what would stick.

All in all, a weaker entry than the original Time Trial, but with different artists, and having to work within a THEME as well as a deadline, this was to be expected.


What Do you mean I'M on a Wrong planet??????

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2004
12:10 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place February 13, 2004