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Clubby The Seal

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Clubby The Seal is on a mission of mindless revenge. Treking across the frozen tundra, Clubby must bash his way through armies of seal clubbers, huge beasts, and a few familiar faces. Collecting human skin hides and selling them on the black market.

A= Attack
S= Jump
D= Change mask (when available)
Q= Change graphics quality (recommended for 1ghz or lower)
ENTER/ESC= Pause game

This is the third game that Edmund and I have created... and our next will be the long-awaited CEREUS PEASHY!
The universe of characters and settings that Ed is creating has only just begun, and I intend to do my damn best to help him continue to bring this vibrant and mysterious world to life!
With that I'm off to Europe for a 2 week vacation from game development and running a site! Seeyall later and enjoy Clubby The Seal!

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I never got past the 2nd level of this game as a kid, despite what might have been hours of trying. I came back all these years later to beat it and put an old journey to rest. Little did I know what I was in for.

The art is excellent, and there is a well-realized, if morbid, world here. The semi-randomly generated levels are a neat trick for the 2000s, and the gameplay is tight, in a way that kind of resembles old school castlevania if you squint really hard.

But oh my god there is so much nonsense in this game. The harpoons, getting knocked back into death pits, respawning above death pits, the entire 4th level, every single boss, and the game over screens going for about 15 seconds before you can play again.

Definitely nostalgic, and it feels great to finally beat this game, but there was quite a struggle to get there.

It's alright

wow clubby the seal is cute

animation and the sound of seal clapping is hotty o-o
its kinda cute ngl c;
nice game from 2004 tho

(lowkey kinda dark tho lmao)

NO WONDER they want to kill baby seals that baby seal lives for our DEATH but it is cute