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You are a F*cking Moron8

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Well, here is YAAFM 8. I just had to do one on Britney's nuptials. There is so much stuff on Britney, that it would take an hour show to cover it, so I just concentrated on the wedding fiasco. The good quotes mostly come from Britney's ex (what a moron!) and they are all true. The weird thing is, that most magazines and such (i.e. People mag) cleaned up this guys quotes to make him not look like such an idiot. I'm not sure if that's a conspiracy, or what, but I find it amusing. Britney I find to be an amazing subject. This girl seriously has an education level of the 9th grade. You can see why she makes such moronic decisions when her mother and publicist are not around. I also threw in a commercial at the end, I want to see how that does. Oh, and yes, the girl in the beginning DID send Reginold that pic. Hope you all enjoy!

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Ha I remember this guy always commenting on celebs and such lol, These are amusing and the "VOICE" of the main character are really good very clear and sharp and thats what really makes this work and ofcourse the celeb bashing lol.

It is fine as is.


You are a F*cking Moron8 is the eighth episode in the series of parody movies. Nice job of making fun of Brittany Spears. Its funny because it is true.

And here's another series I wish would make a comeback. I mean there's even more stupidity that needs to be made fun of ont this show than there was 10 years ago!

Why this bitch was ever given the time of day in the music biz is beyond me.
Well, probably because people like to listen to stupid shit made by stupid people, if you even want to call them that. Great episode, and i hope you return to make more, since the moron meter has gotten even bigger since your last episode in 2008.


awesome but a little too awesome i almost died from laughing