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Ghetto Romeo and Juliet

rated 3.07 / 5 stars
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Jan 19, 2004 | 2:35 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 20, 2004

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Author Comments

Okay, Capulets are black, montague or white. They shoot each other in the face and whatnot while the black capulet people are yelling out stereotypical slang talk. The script was translated from Shakespear to black people talk. This was made for an english project, enjoy.

Note: Movie is about 6:41 long, clear your schedulal for me, okay? thnx.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

-__- ............

ok thats the worst drawings i have ever seen.
ok and its not about romeo and juliet dumb as u fucking retard that was about these two black people and those gehettos what thell is wrong with the movie you suck balls the characters suck and smocking disguisting.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

ohh..... kay...

good, i gave it a 3, but what did it have to do with romeo and juiliet?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


right. so,let me get this Politically correct terds, think my good buddy here is a racist for displaying(emphasis on DISPLAY) some stereotypes? ok, well... who has created them? negroes. that's right.
And wtf is up with the apathy towards the whites ,eh? you guys dislike whites? "oooooh ooooh the struggling black man...ohhhh ooooohh the misery, the anguish, the-" WHO TH E FUCK CARES , SUCK IT UP YOU TERDS! IT'S YOUR FAULT THESE STEREOTYPES EXIST! DIE!! for the flash; the animation would've been easier on the eyes had you been given an extension... oh well.. Good day ,sir. and to the rest of you! 14/88 !!!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok here is my review

This wasn't as bad as the flashes that come to newgrounds but this was more sterotypical than racist.
Graphics: Poorly drawn characters that could have been drawn better than it was. I mean really.

Style: Not much to say here about the style but you could have told the story better than it was also. You could have kept the idea but let it make more sense because, yes, it was really stupid.

Sound: The sound was really gay. The voices weren't all bad but it still really sucked, so work on that.

Violence: Prefect amount of blood but no guts and make a better way for them to die or something.

I am going to skip interactivity because there was none except for the preloader. So that is why you get a "2".

I am also going to skip humor also because there was no type of
humor except for the humor that it is funny how you sterotyped
black people and white people.

So this was an okay flash but it is racist but more sterotypical because you are saying that all white people can't do anything for themselves and all black people wanna kill white people and that is not true at all because I am black and I don't act like that at all. So it's all about the sterotypical form of racism. Yea and that's it.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


This was sorta stupid, and kinda racist. You're either white, and in denial, or an extremely racist black, your video basically says white people can't do anything, but the problem is, your intro song is sung by by a white group, A3. It was pretty poorly made as well, the best part was "woke up this morning" if you'd played that the whole movie, you'd probably have gotten a much better result.