*Out Of This World 1*

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Hey, I spent 150+ Hours on this movie I know the file size is big but it's small in comparison to everything that is in it... It really compressed well.

At any rate I'm positive that the wait will be worth it it runs 7 minutes long so sit back and chill and enjoy the movie yo yo yo ehehehhe

The characters and graphics are supposed to be blocky... it's based on the game out of this world that is why!

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It was great how you listed how long it took to make. I really do appreciate the fine details in this. There are many interesting character designs. I have no idea that this was based on a video game. Whatever it is, you're probably doing it justice. The sounds are great too.

Some artwork doesn't hold up. The close up with the iris isn't that good. It's still quite interesting. You have so many great pieces of music here. This WAS pretty long for its day.

very well done. looks just like the video game! i am a huge fan of out of this world so im glad that u spent 150+ hours on this well worth it, thank you for making and submitting this!!!!

Unique Sound Effects

The sound effects were tremendous unlike anything I ever would have expected from a flash so old this was very nicely done a great action flash. Whether it was that soldiers little footsteps or the sound of a door being activated it was all very realistic and sounded so real. The action scenes were very epic and hooking it kept me very attentive the whole time it was going. The animation was very well done I wondered about the huge file size and new that the graphics had to be stunning. The character designs and everything were nice a very good pace and sense of timing as well keep up the great work.

I think there really needed to be some more background information on the character who came in what appeared to be a time machine of some sort.

An excellent flash which has great animation and sound effects giving a very realistic view not to mention it was made over a decade ago, it has a huge replay effect.

-TY Reviews


Out of this World and Flashback were two of my favourite games on the SNES and this movie captures the style and tone of the games perfectly!

The fact that it also gets the look of the game down to a tee also helps immerse you in this world instantly. Honestly, this wouldn't look out of place in the games cut scenes, which for the time were groundbreaking and still look amazing to this day due to their unique style.

All the unique little touches from the game are brought to life in this movie, from the little brain slug things that attack to the guard dog creatures and their rows of vicious looking teeth. The architectre of the buildings and the attention to detail in the backgrounds also look EXACTLY like they should in the games and its brilliant.

I'm pretty gutted that from the looks of things you never carried on with this brilliant series. Its a shame too as it would have been amazing. A lot of time has been spent on this movie, and you can tell!


I just relived the greatest parts of my childhood! Thank you sir!

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4.38 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2001
8:56 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 29, 2001