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Good Bye Clock Crew

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It has been fun being in the clock crew for this short period that I have been, but most of the time it was really pooy.
In this movie I show you why Im leaving the Clock Crew.
I hope that by this movie you will learn how to treat your friends and other people better.



I feel the last guy to reveiw this didnt get it...

Jew clock didnt do anything, he left because he felt the clock crew was no longer wat it was (make great movies and helping others to develpo there talent) and so he left there is nothing babyish about that how can you stay apart of somthing that you no longer belive in, anyway as far as the movie go's well done on the 3d models grey is a boring background but then maybe grey is to symbolize somthing, the speech was diffclt to make out but then thats a draw back of useing the machine voice, other than that it was good.

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Quit being a babie.

just say sorry to nef man. I like U man . you should stop crying and not leave the crew just becuse of a few jew jokes. I like you as an artist. But you don't to get that the nef porn was dumb and inconsiderate. That is why the clocks are pickin on is you did that.
Suck it up say sorry and suck it up quit being an attintion whore jewclock and make more moveis.

not bad but i ques

ur jewish????


Go Lock Legion!!! LMAO!

Good bye!

bye jew clock...

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3.30 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2004
2:33 PM EST
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