MJ Secrets

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Jacko comes clean, again.
- Note: I don't care if Jacko is innocent or guilty. This confession is still funny.
- This is an original audio Edit and Mix.
- I read all of the reviews, and it seems that this is split between people who love this type of humor and people who don't. Come on people! Laugh a little! What is life all about if you can't laugh? work. sleep. eat.
- Thanks to the Conan O'Brien staff for developing the original celebrity secrets, where celebrities share their secrets.



Its ok but he hee hee why continue -bleep- ing kids!?!?! heh heh

Piece of shit

Man you made a GIANT PIECE OF CRAP !!!!!!

that was ok

yup ok not that great but ok it was funny and uhh ok

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Do you even know MJ's story?

This is how i see it: Michael Jackson had an illness called Vitilago (I don't know how its spelt) that left white blotches on his skin so he ordered to have his whole skin turned to the colour of his blotches (poor guy) MJ had sugery because he wasn't too fond of his face, also being noticed everywhere he went. MJ doesn't love children in that way, he wants to help the poor children of the world and he offers love to all of them, none of us know what he is really like but thats how i see it.

Kinda Funny

Okay, I smirked, but it was because I've heard this before. All I can see that you did was put some bleeps in some Soundboard audio and pasted a picture of Michael Jackson up with one ugly ass hand waving around. The audio would have been fine enough.

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Dec 31, 2003
1:08 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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