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Lander II - Lunar Rescue

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Lander II - Lunar Rescue offers many more features than the original. Get ready for larger levels, more bonuses, a high score list, and a few other special things.

[Update: Daily Feature for 12/29/03! Thanks to everyone who enjoys this game and voted high marks!

Also, I have increased the lander's durability somewhat. You will still take as much damage as ever, but slight hits against things will not crash the lander as much.]

Note: The high score list will not work here, so you'll have to play from my site if you want to save your high scores.

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That was so-so

I only have one question, Why is it theres a health bar and yet you die from everything you touch?

Not good not bad

I think the game was so-so, because the physics engine could've been better, there were some bugs and the sounds could've been more and better.

good game overall

its okay i just hate the fact that if you touch something your immediatly dead, other than that its good

For all who say there are problems with landing

You land on the poles not the circle part.. Seriously I had no problem landing what so ever.


I thought it was great and i took some time and wrote this so... I'm done!!!! (back to Lander ll-Lunar Rescue)