Downhill Skiing

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Kinda like the old Atari skiing


Not a bad game but you should at least add sound and maybe a health meter of some kind to add to the challenge.

Very basic

Well there's the framework for a decent game to be had here, but at the moment it's a very basic skiing game that has no point to it and never ends. You can just keep skiing, crashing into objects and passing through gates indefinitely without any kind of penalty.

Making it some kind of time trial, with extra time being added for passing through each gate, and obviously time being wasted each time you hit an obstacle would make this much more playable. Sound effects are also vital!

Not really enough 'feedback'

It seemed a nicely made game and though you've progressed far beyond this yourself, I'm still probably below this level in coding anyway.

I did think the game needed more instant feedback of how we were doing. Maybe some noise, or a message popping up when we passed a gate correctly, with another noise or message when we missed one. Or maybe an on-screen tally of the gates passed.

I wasn't really too keen on the way the level repeated itself.

It wasn't anything great by today's standards but still... nicely done.

Old Man...

u se this is a game i played on sega... but it was stupid. yore game was funer

sure u copied a game.. but it was still fun

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2.16 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2001
12:56 AM EST
Adventure - Other