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SpongeBob SquarePants V2

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So being back later took a lot longer than I thought. It's been a few crazy years.. I'm still amazed that there are so many people who played this game, and remembered! I found a few playthroughs on YouTube, which is so funny and touching at the same time, and the comments, man, getting all nostalgic here.. I also found out that the game was ripped and uploaded to many other (flash) games websites. A found a few where this game has been played almost 3 million times.. I still can't wrap my head around it. I realize that a lot of the credits also go to the music track in this game, maybe even the biggest reason why people remembered or were looking to find it again. The song was actually an example track of FruityLoops (or similar software, can't remember exactly) and a friend played around with it and ended up with this remix.

For those who appreciate it some background about the game:

I made this game in 2002-2003 when I was sixteen y/o. I was completely bored out with school, had no idea of what I should do or become in life, and spent most of my time playing videogames and watching movies and tv series with friends. One of them got me into Flash and I build a few websites for friends' parents companies and a university as well.. different times.. I started dreaming about making videogames so after a while I focussed all my time and effort on creating games in Flash, hoping that it would somehow set me off into the game industry. I drew almost everything by hand, in Flash, and did most of the coding myself. I had an online friend, who I've never met in real life, who ran the backgrounds for this game through Photoshop to make them look more grainy/movie like.

I remember that I was constantly thinking about this game. During dinner with my parents I could only think about what parts I would add or change next, and how I would solve some of the coding issues that I ran into. I've always been strong at starting something, but not so good at finishing it. This was probably the only game that sort of had a beginning and an end. I think I did plan to make a longer version, or several episodes, but somewhere I had to drop it because I was flunking school and had to get back on track..

< 20 years later >

I'm now an innovation manager at a media school and run a lab for game artists and game developers. I can't find the time to create games myself, but who knows, maybe I'll get back at it one day. I thought about creating a sequel for old times sake.. maybe with some help from the Newgrounds community? (By the way, HOW INCREDIBLE IS IT THAT NEWGROUNDS STILL EXISTS??)

Anyway, gotta go, but before I go I really want to thank YOU for playing, leaving your comment, like, or just for coming back to enjoy some childhood memories. 2003 feels like such a long long time ago. I can get really nostalgic about it.. What about you?

With love,



After 16 years I've finally regained control to my account! I'll be back later to write some background about this game. See you soon!


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very fun game wow i was amazed with the graphics and intense options, but i think you should have done abit more like much more animation with the characters and what would have been even better would have been some voices besides that it was notbad.


Short and sweet flash based on SpongeBob SquarePants. Graphics are the best part, but it could use more content and action.

I'll be honest, this game is a really Nostalgic and Classic game because first of all the low quality Music!! WHICH IS A GREAT THING!!! Also the backgrounds and PNG models that are classics! and its story that if in the future you can complete the full version that is, the 2 missing chapters or you are going to make a Remasterd, I wish you the best because you have just created a piece of classic Internet art!

Wow is excelent Game and complete game
The same thing about the updates takes too long, the game is too good and hopefully they will release more episodes and make use of some items such as the old reliable one, that is, the jellyfish hunting rod, etc.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2003
1:57 PM EST