Knights Fights

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King Arthur meets The Matrix with heartfelt ending

Really good. Loved the music. The ending almost brought a tear to my eye. Some of the moved pulled off (especially in a suit of armor) just got a little too rediculous, but that's why I gave this flash a 5 for humor.

Good Job.

Granted, the animation could have been better, but I like the the knight theme, very original. And the backgrounds were very well drawn also. -Nice work.

Very well animated

...But why did you entitled the submission: "Knights Fights?" Shouldn't it be "Knights Fight?"

I liked this...

I liked it a lot...It was kinda funny how long it took for him to fall...But anyways, poor...Uhhh what was his name again? OH CRAP! AGH! NOoooooooooooooooo! -Shoots himself in the head and dies-


I liked the drawings and everything, but . . . if the spirit can possess at will (Which it kind of proved near the end in the throne room), then why, didn't it just leave Seigfried and possess someone else while he was falling to his death?

It makes sense, and even if he hit the ground, the spirit that can possess things I'm sure wouldn't die like that.

Good doesn't always have to win. And why is it that bad guys can't seem to fight worth-a-balls? I think evil winning is kick-ass, personally, and more original overall since mostly every game (And movie such as this) always seem to have good winning evil somehow or another.

Also, not everyone can read godly fast.. there should be some way to slow it down so you can at least read what's going on.

Other than that, I loved the Bomberman 64 and Lord of the Rings music, and the animation wasn't half bad.

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3.95 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2003
1:34 AM EST
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