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Renegade's Rant

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Renegade discusses the issues that affect the CC.

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Wow, it's been a long time, since that hatred for foamy that he even felt more in the 2003, And of course I liked that you have added shadows on the ground, and even the flash animation looks way ahead of its time, and I really liked how you killed the foamy, cutting it in double with a star what would you be, what would you be the red star!!!

not bad there does need improvement also the ending was unexpected...LOL! but yeah anyways animation needs improvement nothing else to say over all half 4 star

Hard to believe its been so long

RenegadeClock responds:

Fo' realz. I'm like 40 years old now.

awwwwwwh Yeah!!!1!

he spread the word of B and killed foamy in ONE flash! Strawberryclock's still the king of the portal but your probably the prince.

One of my favourite introductory Clock Flashes

I remember watching this many years ago, and it is still one of my favourite introductory Clock Flash animations. I really like its detailed and dynamic animation as well as its in-depth philosophical discussion and dialogue. Very well done.