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Power of the Geek part 2

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Power of the Geek Part 2: Rooftop Battle! The first one was all setup, this is the movie I REALLY wanted to make!

OK just wanted to answer a few FAQs:

I am only myself, I have no team.
I don't use storyboards, I just listen to the music.
I don't use a graphics tablet, just this miserable bar of soap.
I usually use about 3 or 4 songs per movie, all from different sources. This one has 6.
You will have to wait until part 3 to find out who the old guy is.
Yes, I'm single.

Thanks for your support guys! Your reviews mean constant improvement (I hope!)

And if you look like the girl in this movie, E-mail me ASAP! :)

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That was awesome! I can't believe this has a lower rating than the first part. I mean, it has the best action! Not to mention the animation seems better. You can tell a lot without talking. There was so much more going on.

I'm glad Ben was able to make this. It seems like it could have gotten its own section. Well, it is under Stick Slayer. I guess it kinda counts? We all want geeks to win.


it was alright i just really like your work big fan of the stick slayer series


Good movie!

Fucking awsome

Man you bitches who are giving Ben Spurgin bad reviews are all dumbfucks!These are some of the best movies yet! so fuck you and your momma!


I gave the sound a 4 mostly because i got sick of that girl screamin. The old guy looks like he's on drugs or sumthin. His eyes are bloodshot.