Soul Catcher

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This is a break between my two other longer projects I'm working on which I'll hopefully finish...

You are a demon in hell and you have to collect souls and pentagrams. Avoid the bibles, you can jump over them too.

Have fun!

Thanks to the Audio portal author and flashkit.



i think that sucked ass.... but i´ve seen worse....

not bad

it was a cool game. nice to play and original idea too.

Ah the last one for today....

Nice game but the fact that it was just a long "line" made it a bit boring,make some turns,jumps and stuff like that.

And make less Bibles!For some stupid reason my trident carrier couldn't dodge those stupid Bibles so I lost.

The graphics reminded me of the Gold miner game that's around here somewere,very good allmost like Warcraft2.

Goatchrist responds:

The bibles are random generated ;) it's not my fault when there are too many :) Okay...a little bit maybe :)

I like it.

Well another very unique game again. I like the idea of being a deamon trying to catch lost souls. I would like this better if there acctually were some levels, and not just an infinite track, and I would like it if there were some sort of healthpacks, or even missiles or bombs that you could get. I like that you can jump over stuff. The graphics are fine, I wouldn't call them good, but it isn' essntial to a game like this. Soundeffects works fine, but the musicloops are to short and gets really annoying.

Nice Job.

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks kospas. I always like to see your constructive critics. I'll keep them in my mind :)

Youve done better

While not as good as some of your games it was kinda good.
At the start is hard to see who you are,so try adding a pic at the start,and while i was trying to see what i was i even thought the 2 tridents were the handlings of a motorbike!

Goatchrist responds:

The handlings of a motorbike? Haha ;)

Well, it was more a short flick, still lad about the score

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2.86 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2003
7:58 PM EST
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