battle in the shadows

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this is just a really cool fight scene of ralph vs the shadow demons. this scene will prolly turn up some where in the real movie enjoy!



you should of added a play button but i liked the flash and well done!!!!!(quite effective black and white with no sound because is seems to change the atmosaphare alot.

pretty sweet

Nicely done, I liked the warping effect things, very cool.

Great style makes up for alot

Considering your movie had no sound, it was quite well done. The fighting looked confusing, but your style of graphics and animation made up for that too. I liked it. Improve the already good work and keep cranking them out. If you perfectionize your graphics, you could start a cool new trend of action stories without sound in black and white. ;)

matman86 responds:

thanks for your review. yea the music thing, i couldnt get the damn program the changes mp3 files into wav files and so i never got to add in music, trust me, i was pissed, thatnks for the compliments. i understand this movie was prolly a good bit confusing, but it is really part of the big movie im working on, i ust wanted to see what peolpe thought of the fighting graphics,( b/c it is an action type film) so thanks for your suport and helpful hints and i will take those in to consideration. thanks a bunch.


Very cool. Nicely animated, and good graphics. You only need sound, and this would be great. Nice work. Keep it up!

Needs improvement.

Among other things, it could use a smaller file size, and sound. Overall it wasn't bad, and I'm sure if this takes place in a more complete scenario, it'll get a higher rating.

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2.93 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2003
6:10 PM EST
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