The Gourds of Wisdom

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This is an African Folk Tale as told in a flash movie.

*please note- kids won't like it!


Nice movie, well done!

Most of newgrounds.com contains violence and stuff but this should get a fair chance as well! Fun to watch, keep it up!

Too true...

It's a good thing that I didn't heed your asterisked warning (I am 14). Not the greatest quality movie, but I'm in no position to fault you -- I have no aptitude in Flash whatsoever. It's rare to find something on Newgrounds with - gasp! - a moral story AND proper punctuation. Almost unheard of, and pretty daring since it's almost guaranteed to be mocked by the dunderheaded idiots who fit into that "no wisdom at all" category.

Good idea.

I think it is cool to see some interesting historical culture on Newgrounds. Just because it isn't a movie about being a serial killer or drug dealer might piss off the average Newgrounds viewer, but I found it cool. However, you should have used Photoshop to cut off all the excess black background from the head and synced the lips of the statue to the words of the story-- easier said than done though, huh? Haha. Keep up the interesting work, though.

tfchuck responds:

thx for the nice review but i kinda rushed it, i should've done a little more editing (i screwed up with the lip sync and could have livened it up a bit with some more animating, music and backgrounds), but i also didn't want to lose sight of the fact that it is a story. hopefully i'll do better next time, i live and learn everyday...

I like these old folk tales

Nice but the synch of the voice to the statues was off. The text was easy to read. Good music it fit well with the story. The reader was excellent. Clear voice at a nice pace.

The story itself is interesting and explains the large mass of idiots wandering the world today.

Don't let the witless discourage you. This was a good bit of flash.


This is Newgrounds man, not educational movie..forum..site.

tfchuck responds:

does anyone know of an "educational movie..forum..site" that i could submit movies like this too?

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2.84 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2003
11:15 PM EST
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