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Halloween: Comic Clock...

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wow dude...its like the night befor halloween !!!
SO I thought i would do something for halloween.... ITs pretty B grade, but good none the less..


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Go Clown-With-Spinning-Dick Clock =DD

Wasn't good.

This animation wasn't that good. The animation was pretty slow and everything flowed weird. May I suggest speeding up your frame rate to about 25 or 30? That definatley makes for a slicker animation.

there wasn't really that much humor envolved, and thats mostly what I expect from clock movies. And the part with tricky the clown just blew the whole thing sky high. Write out your animation ideas on paper first, don't just throw random things in it.

Dark-Knight responds:

yeh i was pretty high !

Well, comic....

I didn't know some of your drawing skills weren't so awesome. Although I like some of your models, some of the others were a little sketchy. But, it's a good flash nonetheless.

Dark-Knight responds:

yeh this is the old shit... ohwell I had fun making them none the less


Why the hell did you have to put Trickey the clown in there?

Dark-Knight responds:

ok ok... but dont tell anyone I actually kinda like tricky...

there you have it !

thats why ;)


That wasn't half bad. Better then me atleast.. wow i think i just dissed myself............. ANYWAY nice movie. It was funny when the weird clown came in. I was like "WTF? ... HAHAHAHHA" 10points.

P.S. My birthday is on Halloween!

Dark-Knight responds:

all righty glad u liked it i like making them my next movies gona be way funnier

" a day in the life of michael jackson "