Silver Shamrock

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Very few may get this.....

Happy, Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

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i get it (the referance), but whats the point in bothering to make this?

Hehe, funny movie

I just saw part of this movie on the AMC monsterfest. Was it Halloween 2? I'm not sure, but it was SOOOOO cheesey. Oh dear god, shouldn't have worn my halloween mask when I watched this, oh GOD NO! MY HEEEEAAAD! DAMN YOU AND YOUR TV EXECUTIVE WITCHCRAFT!

Your right i don't get it.

Im sorry but im blamming this shit cuz i hate the clock people. They are a sorry excuse for characters. But yeh i liked the song.

Great "Halloween 3" reference, man!

A lot of people here probably don't get this joke, but I love how you took the Silver Shamrock sequence from "Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch" and turned it into this. The graphics are pretty good, and the thing's pretty short, but hey, it's not like this has to be long, right? The only thing that bugs me about this is the crappy sound quality. Then again, you're trying to jack the sound off a movie from the mid-80's, so getting the sound just right must be pretty hard. You know, I only love this because I get the joke, but if I never saw "Halloween 3", I'd probably only give this a 2. But since I have seen the movie, I'm tagging this Flash with a 3. Not exactly a good job, but not exactly a bad one either. Keep it up.


your right i didn't get it but the little song was mad by the way does anyone know what theclocks were saying?laleelaleehalloweenhalloween
delightful little whatever the hell it was I gave it low in style cooz i don't know much about the irish and no not because i'm a braindead yank slob who couldn't point it out on a map P.S could you email me and tell me what the hell it was about? yom@eudoramail.com anyhoo good work and keep it up the world needs more crazyness

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Oct 27, 2003
8:15 PM EST
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