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Eskimo Bob 12: AD 2101

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here's a quick history on this movie. it was made almost a month ago (before the bad_crc movie) as basically a filler episode while we were finishing up eskimo bob z. since then, it's kind of spread around and it's now the most watched episode. i wasn't even planning to submit it here, but tom fulp just emailed me and asked me if i'd mind submitting it so i figured i'd give it a shot. enjoy! ^_-

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Nice work! but shouldn't Bob be saying "Take off every zig"?

I admit that this actually did work on some levels. I realize that absolutely everyone was making AYB parodies at this time. It is pretty nostalgic. Wait, I wasn't here in 2001. It's still older than when I first came here in 2004. I appreciate how they just say the words.

You should have put the music in. I guess that would have negated a bit of the purpose. The animation looks the same. I do like how easy this is to understand. You just don't do much with it.


if you don't get this, they're saying the script from an old SNES game called zero wing. it was poorly translated and what you just heard was the result. if you want to hear it as it was in the game go to www.allyourbase.com. there's also some funny songs made from it.

A great classic.

Gotta love Eskimo Bob and him speaking the script from "All Your Base" with the fish in the UFO made it all the better.


Another great episode in a great series! This time much futuristic than the prequells, heh. As usual genius plot combined with nice and simple animation! Keep up the great work!