Valor: Ep. 1

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This is the first episode of a new flash anime called Valor: Strength of the Spirit which will follow a 20-something named Valor who is given the burding of saving the world. The series will chronicle his journey from beginning to end. His training, his recruitment, his laying waste to countless enemies, and finally... I'll leave that for you to figure out.
Episode 1 is basically just an introduction. It introduces the main characters, their backgrounds, and the background of the situation. But I couldn't do it all serious and talking, so yes, something is killed! Please be open minded, don't blast this with no ways to improve it. We are going to be doing more episodes, and the action will pick up in a few.

UPDATE: Wow, many good reviews. The next episode will take quite a while as this episode took 3 months. The next episode will use a method of motion capture/tracing for some really cool fight scenes.
For production art go to http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/soulanime/



To be honest, with so many people helping out on one single flash i expected much better. The art was... eh.. it was ok, you should probably draw something less realistic instead of trying to draw people because you havent gotten to the point where the drawings would apear satisfactory. The animation is like the art, ok but not good, it seemed pretty stiff as animation goes, and i judge people very lightly when it comes to flash animation because animation and drawing are two completely different things. The direction was good for the most of it, if displayed the key idea of each scene. I think the best part of this animation is the voice acting and the story, the story is well thought out and the voice acting sounds good, although the lip synch was VERY off.

Awesome storyline. Voice actors need more training

I love the storyline of this movie. It is interesting and well put together. The animation is okay, but the graphics themselves are pretty weak. The voice actors (and I know a bunch of them, sorry guys!) need a little more practice.

Also, the BGM when it was there was pretty bad. The sound effects were pretty damn good, though.

Perhaps someday you could remake it.

good job

nice job, but theres just a few tips i think might help you.
1) do it much more frame by frame and much less dead scenes (where no one moves) you can do dead scenes but you need you have to do camera changes. It is just voices on picture basicly
2) take more time when doing the lip sync godly lip sync is wicked. Just makign it a graphic object and it going over and over is gay
3) Take more time in your scenes that you make (your savages scenes were cool the dancing and the fire very nice combination)
4) Do a little bit more editing, there is a few parts where a little bit of editing would make things a lot nicer.
5) try to do a little less tweaning like I said above (more animation) that would greatly increase your flow of the movie and the aura.

well gl in your next episode, I imagine it wil be very good and i hope 2 see it. BTW: Dont use the same character over and over and over and over in every scene not changing anything, that just shows lazyness.

Great story, but needs graphic and sound quality

Work on it and improve it for a bit then submit it again. I would enjoy watching this little flick if it were more smooth feeling.

Has Potential

Yes, keep this series coming. Nice style, interesting plot, nice artistry and animation.

Suggestions :

~ Artwork and Animation : You had some nice animation and art, but you need to focus on more detail. Put more work into facial defintion and small touches such as shading and background detail. Add more movement. For instance, in the beginning there is a bird that is moving its wings but does not appear to be moving.

Your animation and drawings need to be cleaner. The wigger had scratchy marks on his right arm that look like some kind of scar or something. You need to define shapes and textures better.

Detail is huge. Shading, body detail (faces, muscles, clothing - in that order) backgrounds, textures, etc.

~ Music and Sound : You need to improve the mic problem. Voices are varying volumes and some come in scratchy. Also, don't breathe into the mic. Oh, and if you want to add extra extra effort, add subtitles at the bottom of the screen. You need a better musical soundtrack. Pick some stuff that is well known and liked to appeal to pop culture. Nice sound effects but could be better timed. Again, gotta fix the voice/mic problem. That annoyed me to no end.

I would have to say I like the story alot. Nice blend of action/humor/sci-fi thriller.

Thise are my suggestions, hope some of this shit helps for the next episode. Good luck on it, I can't wait to see it.



soulscreme responds:

Thanx, this isn't just a response to you but to everybody who has reviewed. I know there are a few areas where this animation lacks. I had a hard time balancing all the pre-story before the action episodes and keeping it flowing. Next episode will be about 4 to 5 months out as this one took 3 months to complete. Working on the mic issue. Next episode is going to have a traced motion capture effect i'm working on. Subtitles are no big deal as each episode is written movie style with a type up script. If you guys liked it please get your friends to see it. Since you enjoyed it I'll share a few bits about how it will play out:

Expect to see many fleeting characters, 1 or 2 episodes, during his training, and then expect to seem them again down the road.
Expect ALOT of fighting in upcoming episodes.
Expect a major change of look for both major characters.
To see production art go to http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/soulanime/

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