Valor: Ep. 1

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This is the first episode of a new flash anime called Valor: Strength of the Spirit which will follow a 20-something named Valor who is given the burding of saving the world. The series will chronicle his journey from beginning to end. His training, his recruitment, his laying waste to countless enemies, and finally... I'll leave that for you to figure out.
Episode 1 is basically just an introduction. It introduces the main characters, their backgrounds, and the background of the situation. But I couldn't do it all serious and talking, so yes, something is killed! Please be open minded, don't blast this with no ways to improve it. We are going to be doing more episodes, and the action will pick up in a few.

UPDATE: Wow, many good reviews. The next episode will take quite a while as this episode took 3 months. The next episode will use a method of motion capture/tracing for some really cool fight scenes.
For production art go to http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/soulanime/


Awesome storyline. Voice actors need more training

I love the storyline of this movie. It is interesting and well put together. The animation is okay, but the graphics themselves are pretty weak. The voice actors (and I know a bunch of them, sorry guys!) need a little more practice.

Also, the BGM when it was there was pretty bad. The sound effects were pretty damn good, though.

Perhaps someday you could remake it.

it sucked period!

that was a very poor effert. the animation wasn't any where near presentable. the art work looked like it was just thrown together. like i just said and i quote "it sucked period!!"


Dude, that was an incredibly poor animation...not only that, but you also said you used my audio, when you obviously did not.

I don't understand people...


please dont subject us to this level again? It has some potential yeah but it needs a hell of alot of work. The graphics could have been sweeter. This was rushed just to get your story line into the world I can tell by the depth of the story and not the depth of the flash product itself. Anyway you need to sweeten the graphics, and never use a microphone the record your voices again because that just doesnt work. You can hear all the static etc its definatly not worth trying. Get some ideas from watching other flash movies and try to take some more care.

Could be good, not great.

Graphics are average if a little too static, though to be fair this movie does have potential. What annoyed me was the at time unintelligable speach. Put in some subtitles, or do the voices again. The voices made what was going on very difficult to ascertain. Though don't be discouraged, this could be great given more time.

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