Stick Slayer Episode Four

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This WAS the Final Slayer before I got ressurected.


Good Movie

It was a great movie. Now, I'm an Eskimo Bob fan, but I'm not going to whine. However, I did not see the reason for Eskimo Bob and his demise. You really should have left him out, but what's done is done. And you ended your existance at the end as well, so you "got what you deserved".


oh dood! you're soo cool!
cause he's all muscley and covered with blood..
that makes you cool..
look, i can see you're a good flash artist (thats why i had to give you a 7. it is well done), but you're still an idiot. put your talents to better use, please. and what is that rainbow shit doing in there? you can do better than that, really.
and don't trash a character (eskimo bob) that doesn't even need fancy animation and everything, and he's still 10 times better than you. he actually has good ideas to go along with the animation.

Pretty Good

I loved everyone one but stick figers could of been done better!

Not bad, even though he did use Eskimo Bob

Well, he used Eskimo Bob which is a big no-no considering he didn't have permission, but otherwise this movie was pretty darn impressive. At least to me =)


I havent seen the prequels to this, but it was pretty good. By the way..whoevers face that was looks like garth from waynes world minus the hair when he was getting his "melon" sucked.

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4.03 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2001
9:19 AM EST