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Mr. T vs Cats

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Mr. T is my hero, and I always wanted to make a Mr. T vs cartoon, so I choose Cats from ZeroWing. I took Mr. T sound clips and his picture and combined it with the All You Base Are Belong to Us movie, and added a few more stuff. If you don't know who Mr. T is don't even bother watching the movie, and instead go watch some A-Team episodes.

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Oh man, this brought back great memories of the very early 2000's.

Someone unfamiliar with this website would think it was about Mr. T fighting cats. You know, cats the animals. Nowadays, that is what this would be about. This meme just isn't around anymore. I still liked this. I wish I could have heard the song.

This still served the franchises faithfully. It is pretty triumphant to hear Mr. T. I unfortunately never watched "The A-Team". This is well put together. Still, the song would be nice.

now that was classic newgrounds

classic newgrounds nuff said


Reply to wiwi0101: Ok, let's see YOU do better.

This flash is...

Terrible. The animation,the placement of Mr. T, the timing, everything.