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William the Demon Killer

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Witness the unspeakable evil of the "Bell Dude"

This is loosely based on a TV commercial I saw in 2001 or '02 for Dell computers, when "Steven" the much-hated "Dell Dude" was in all their ads. Of course, now we all know he was in reality a demon, but at the time many were fooled.

Thanks Newgrounds (front page!), and everyone who left reviews.

Running time 2:15

"William" and "Mrs. Lindsay" were names used in the ad. William's mom almost seemed to be attracted to the creepy dude, which I found disturbing. The curly-haired kid never said a word, the poor dumb bastard.

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are you still alive duudee... I MEAN BLEEG!?

lol "dude" hahaha

This is funny and awesome as Hell. LOL! Nice job.

Yes, this was hilarious! The funniest bit was probably with the chainsaws. I was simply amazed at how good the animation was. The expressions were absolutely perfect in this! You've made me realize how important they are to a cartoon. It was nice how you included the running time as well.

Everything just flows so smoothly here. The voices were awesome too. It's just nothing but mayhem from beginning to end. I'm glad he didn't fall for the Devil's trick at the end. The music fits perfectly as well.

Good stuff.