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You are a F*cking Moron2

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With so many stupid celebrities, here is a new series from ZipperFish.com! Jessica Simpson Part II

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I thought this would just be Stifler's mom who would be the moron. It would be funny to have an entire episode about him or her? I'm not familiar with Barkley. I guess the slug guy came later. I'm not the biggest Jessica Simpson fan. I guess I wasn't offended by this.

Well, few people are. I love Reginald's voice. Maybe you could have criticized her more. Then again, this is the same person from the last episode. It still worked out very well.

i'll save some time and make a list

justin biber-fucking moron
charlie sheen-drunk but still a fucking moron
george bush-king fucking moron
rush limbau-libitard fucking moron
the designer of the fukishima nuclear plant-fucking moron(i mean really who builds a nuke plant on a fault line?)
obama-fucking moron
hugo chavez-fucking moron
kitty krew-gay fucking morons
the curent pope-kiddy fiddler and a fucking moron
khadaffi-ape-shit crazy fucking moron
lady gaga-fucking moron
my next door neibor ms.lauther-crazy bitch and a fucking moron
britney spears-fucking moron
youtube-fucking morons
the bad girls club-fucking morons
dr.phil-fucking moron
eminem-fucking sucessful moron
lil wayne-fucking moron
backstreet boys-fucking morons
n'sync-fucking morons
the author of this flash-bloody fuckin' briliant.

Stiflers mom wut an awsome joke

shes such a milf and moron


the co-host is a twat. In my opinion if you gave him a more interesting script and.. worked on that voice a little.. he'd be fine. otherwise he's ruining the cartooning with that awkward shoddy cut in voice.

Awesome ^^

Jess You really are a Fucking Moron xD Great man love it :)