E2E: Gameplay Preview

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Yes, I know it is incomplete.
Yes, I know it is score-less.
Yes, I know the boss is fucked up.

This is just a preview of the kind of game you will see when "Escape to Earth" is released (Late summer).
I'm not looking for votes, people! I'm looking for REVIEWS! I need input!! What do you all think about the gameplay style of E2E?

There is NO PRELOADER!! Please right click at the beginning and push stop. Then push play when you see that it is loaded. I STRONGLY recommend LOW QUALITY!


Nice job keep working on it!!!!

Good job I like the game play its pretty good as for as that goes.. But it needs some work keep messing with it and you'll get better and maybe you will end up with a kick ass game.... Good luck and keep working on it OK.....

good demo

could be better, but you are going to make it better. reminds me of combat instinct.

Questions and Praise

Would it be possible to show missed shots?
Could you increase the area of the ship that we could hit, or show us when we have missed?
Finally, is there anyway we could turn off the music?

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. Looks great so far.

Nice "first person" type shooter

Im impressed with some of these first person type shooter flash games that have been on here like combat instinct 2, and this is in there. If you add like, a way to loose and make it more of a game this could be even better. Overall its a good game! Nice!

Ok the aiming sucked because half the time it wouldent follow the mouse it lasted to damn long and reminded me of "Basic Instinct" an awsome game that should not no wait can not be repeated!!!

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2.39 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2001
1:52 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed