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Tod the Tortoise

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Author Comments

2nd submission

Finally i finished "Tod the Tortoise". It was really hard for me to finish cartoon I have started four months ago. I really put much more efforts and time into this one. Smoother graphics, more and better sounds etc. But now it's your time to judge. Hope you'll enjoy.

Fun Facts:
- 1703 frames;
- 29 sounds;
- 2 min 22 sec lenght
- 2 easter eggs ;)
P.S. I tryed to make file size as small as possible.

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Did he atleast beat the hare??

Wonderful flash Regis. Made me laugh. I wasnt expecting that, til I saw the leaves...

I do enjoy your style of animation, so ignore all who claim it's bad. (I've seen a few who said that).

By the way, whats wrong with DBZ? Man he moved at like he was Goku when he went to get the chair. Or at least like Sonic. ;)

BTW, since you do reply to most comments you are given, could you please tell me what song was playing when the winter came? I've been dying to know what it is called.

RegisCartoons responds:

:))) Thank for another awesome review, buddy. Yeah, I'm replying to ALL the reviews - you can check it ;) It's really great to hear that you liked it ! And, sorry, I don't know the name of the song. Shame on me. I just had it on my PC. But it's some classic peace.
Cheers !

It looks like...

You've done a great job!This movie was funny,I'm not sure,but Tod reminds me something.I just can't get who,yet:(
I'm feeling very pleased that you're always responding my reviews :))
As I read your last response I decided to answer some of your questions and,also give some new questios:D
I was playing with Sega Mega Drive at first,but later I got Sega Mega Drive 2.
I can't remember when I first got it(I guess when I was 6,7 or 8...),just know that my neighbour got it and he never let me play for a bit longer time(I'm talking about Sonic3).So I wanted it sooooooo much,my parents bought it to me:DBut not Sonic...My neightbour lost it and I later never found that Sonic:((So I was very happy,when I got Sonic 3D.Thats the story and now some questions:1.How my age and fact that I'm female(I'm not mad,just wondering...:D)could have any connection with my review?(the fact that I'm Lithuanian doesn't bother me:D It can be important to you,as fo me it's thrilling to meet another Lithuanian in here...)
2.Were you playing with Sega Mega Drive too?:D

RegisCartoons responds:

Lituly ! :) Another one awesome, long and interesting review :P Thank you very much. I really appreciate your support. BTW, you english language is great. I wish I had the same knowledge of English then I was 15 yr old. ;) BTW, Sonic 3D wasn't that great. I guess it was created by another company or at least another design team. And here are my answers to your Q. So, first of all, usually 15 yr old talks about Sony Playstation, Sega Saturns etc. But not about Sega Mega Drive, because it's too old for them. And...boys are much more into video games than girls :) And it's great to meet such an interesting Lithuanian girl in Newgrounds.com
2. Yes, I spent lot of time by playing SEGA Mega Drive.
I love my childhood :P


This is the funiest flash ever

RegisCartoons responds:

:D Thanks, biciuli !

Great concept!

This flash is pretty cool!
There's a good concept, some decent animation and I liked the backgrounds, it has some suitable sounds and some funny moments to go with it.
Definitely worth a look at.

RegisCartoons responds:

That is what I call a nice review ! :P Thanks


Finally some nice clean humour that is actually funny. Dont get me wrong it dont have to be clean humour but this movie was cool.

haha mgm logo. Just joking.. :) lol

RegisCartoons responds:

:) heh thanks for review, buddy :)

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2003
6:22 PM EDT