The First Possession

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Well... I really haven't submited anything in a really long time.... I worked on this for a couple of days and it turned out pretty good.... watch it all the way through!! anywho... I hope you enjoy it. And! the new Nine movies will be coming out and they're coming a long good, LEAVE A REVIEW AND A VOTE.......ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!


No More Darkness?

Ok Man my favorite thing about you is that you make dark films, WHAT THE HELL happend to the darkness thats basicly your signature, stick to it, nice job telling the first possision of the demon "Nine" so ill be waiting for another possision

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TheOtto responds:

don't worry, that was just kinda one of those unbackroundish stick films... the new movies i'm messing with are pretty dark and goretastic, good times!


I love it when people fix different forms of characters, ie, sticks and full figured characters. Everything looked pretty well drawn, nice use of sound effects.



Man you guys dont know wut your talking about... this makes Super Beast look like good ass whipeing material... wut just cuz it has a monster that trys to kill some 1 means that its a rip off? man you guys are full of shit... so i gusse that the movie aliens is a rip off of super beast to eh? or wut about preditor he has that 3 pointed claw. in the end this movie blows Super Beast away.


Well, i have seen Superbeast at Stickdeath.com. i cannot accuse you for imitating the plot. But, what am i talking about, there is no plot in this movie either, but it was funny.

The face effects of the 'Exorcist-cally' possessed stick person was pretty cool, not that i have seen better. The only thing i didnt see there was that if this monster was given sharp teeth, why the hell didnt it eat the people it was attacking?

Too bad that 'The Mummy-type' mouth didnt get to feed.

And whats more, the 'Wolverine-claws' didnt get to slash much either.

Perhaps the 'Terminator-liquidity' effects would have been put more to use.

Hey, i might have subconsciously pulled out every movie character you were inspired from to make this flash. Aint i perceptive?

WM [:{}]

F.Y.I, i would like to see more.


Well I don't think that it would have been better with so music.But that was pretty damn good.

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3.75 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2003
6:01 PM EDT
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