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NGArmy/Clay v Stick short

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Aug 13, 2003 | 9:59 PM EDT

Author Comments

Two movies for the price of one! My first (proper) game, and a Clay/Stick combo stop-motion movie.
«««««« • • • »»»»»»
The Game: Thrown together for the preloader, I'm really pleased with it as my first game. If you can hit more than 3 tanks on level 20 you're doing better than me 8 )
The Movie: Has taken over a month to complete from conception to submission. It was originally going to be longer, but I got fed up with it. If it's well-recieved then I'll work on another episode, with scene changes and more action.
I hadn't done a claymation or stick movie yet so I thought I'd throw the two together and see what happened... and, once again, made life very difficult for myself. As far as I know, this is the first & only movie on NG which combines sticks & clay, and, after spending countless hours trying to synchronise the buggers, I can understand why. Still, it's possibly my best animation yet.
«««««« • • • »»»»»»
Apologies for the file size, I did my utmost to optimise everything... I don't think I could squeeze it any more. The stick figure (George) was created using Swift 3D. The clay figure (Brian) was created using.... ermm... Plasticene. And lead split-shot.
«««««« • • • »»»»»»
Hope you enjoy this, please vote fairly (you KNOW it deserves 5 =). Thanks. Oh yeah, and check out my other submissions, I'm going for NG's most varied artist... suppose I should do sprites next...



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

cool. =].



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wheeee tankage!

Hey, man! Loved the game. I think I stopped playing around level 10, but it hadn't gotten TOO hard yet, I'll trust GuineVir about the level 18 thing. Anyway, game rocked, game rocked, what else, what else...

oh yeah! There was a movie, too. #;-}> Anyway, I always dig clay or legomation, so it was neat, natch, but I have one suggestion: bigger subtitles! I play everything at low quality, and at low qual, the text was hard to read.

That's about it! Rock on.

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Denvish responds:

Heh, they're all in tonight. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with comments from you & GuineVir; it's just funny seeing your names in reviews. Anyway, glad you liked this thing, sorry about the text but the movie should play fine in lo-Q.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That's DAMN good!

Very good job integrating the stick into the claymation, there's some talent! I gotta give you a 4/5 for that 1


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I'm quite sure that the game could have been submitted separately and made it on by itself lol Due to the length of the game, the only thing I'd like to see added to it (or any future project in a similar vein) is some way to pause the bloody thing. Final: 68638/93905 ~sigh~ I THINK I hit one on 18, but if I did it was more of an accident than by design. The changing colours of the sky as you advance is a neat touch. I'd kind of like to see it go head to head with 99k lol

The frame counter and VCR style controls in the movie were a great touch, as was the streaming script when clay started babbling.

Ending seemed a bit anti-climactic, but as you said "I got fed up with it" and it IS entitled "short". I guess I was just expecting more ~shrug~ I'm pretty sure I have a wizard from the same series as yours lol

Now what I want to know is ... how you are doing 100/day AND producing this simultaneously ... oh yeah, IERefresh lol

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Denvish responds:

*sob* it hasn't been easy.
Yeah, I didn't think of a pause in the game, I might update that. The movie was originally going to be the full 5Mb, but then I realized that the stick couldn't go behind the clay (jpeg), so it would have been virtually impossible to do a good fight scene. So he just knocked his block off.
As I said before, I may fill out the preloader game and submit it as a game in its own right, but not soon.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I thought the way that you had done the clay man was well good and the things that he said were hilarious! Well Done!