ETM in style (new version

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Please tell me wat I hav 2 do 2 make it better I listened 2 all your advice thanks


Not Bad

I See You Need Two Game Scripts If You Want Get Theese Scripts Write

Not good...

I've tried it and I must say I am terribly dissapointed, I thought it would've had alot of improvements but I guess I had my expectaions too high. There were way too mnay problems, I had to experiment with right-clicking and going forward/backward/play/loop off/etc.. just to get past the button "puzzle" as ghost and get past the third blue car....
I would suggest trying to improve you're animation skills and storytelling, if you also made it more into a game and less of a "point-and-click" adventure, it could be a hit, but sadly this is what I'm gonna have to give you.
Better Luck Next Time.


P.S. If I come back to see you or anyone else "stfu, I don't see YOU making any flash movies..." and crap like that, let me just say "FUCK YOU".
1. I can't afford Flash right now.
2. I'm working on a story until I get flash (I doing drawings, story writing and editing, etc.)
3. 'm gonna put at least a month into my movies once I get flash so they can get on the top 50.....

..so there.

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pretty good.

Yeah,pretty good.I think you should do something else then remixes of this though,make some kind of series or something.


Im a fan of your work, but....

I really like the resident evil thing you made, just finish it, and this wasnt well put together, take time next time, and make it to were you can do combos and focuz and dodge that fuckin rocket launcher, i cant get passed him, but i loved the character choosing thing and the letters to the MATRIX. Remember, you are the two, cuz im the one :D There cant be 2 ones, so im one and our 2 lol

btw humour-funny how crappy this is

look 2 make a good game u have 2 put the arms closer together, use better graphics or u may as well use stick men, use comedy and try hard not 2 use any previous games in da process

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Aug 12, 2003
8:44 AM EDT
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