Double Dragon - Duke (3)

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J meets with B to form the two L's, who finally have access to a bit of information.

The 'loading' and 'Play' button are whacked, and I don't even have a tween or shape, and have no idea how to fix it o.O If anyone can tell what the problem is, please tell

This one went from 30(first) and 40 (second) seconds to over a minute, so enjoy ;)

Note that the elevator scene might lag, depending on your computer. It does for me, and I tried my best to not let it -,-



Hm nice use of sprite. The backrounds are great and the music was cool. (btw whats that song called with the dogs) ...anyway this was pretty cool ive liked this series and its getting better.: ____I have been intrested in sprite for awile. Any tips?

That wasn't too bad :)

I liked that. I used to have Double Dragon on my Sega Master System. You could play two player, and at the end you had to fight each other. But that was a long time ago...

Hey I've got an idea for the next...

For the next one try this out...Put down a score thing on the top right or wherever and whenever you hit or kill something rack the points put down combos and stuff. Hey, it's just an idea but i think it would be worth a shot, I see big things for the next one and I love the gives nice going and a great Double Dragon kick! Nice job and hey its pretty great you've been doing all this so hey, congratulations with this and have fun with future shit! :-D


hey dude

its not a high score because people are really getting sick of sprites.
but dont worry, your sprites were used real well

That was good

I realy liked it

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3.22 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2003
2:30 PM EDT