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This is my 4th Claymation, Once again im still not like Knox(King of clay). Also there is one easter egg in here, see if you can find it, its fast, and quick. (Hint: Its to the left)

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Ok but not great.

The only thing i really thought was interesting was the use of the headphone plug in thingy as a gun, that was really inventive, but otherwise a total knock-off of knox. I know u told us it was like that but that doesnt change the fact that it was. A little choppy (i realize its stop motion claymation and its bound to be a bit choppy) you could have put a few more frames in bettween the actions. Overall its ok, but you need to really put some more effort into it before its anything to get exited about. (also consider changing the look of ur guys, its totally a knox guy, the 0 on style is because of that)

Very good.

Kinda choppy. i love claymations!! >.<(my shortest review yet!)

is good, but not knox good

you've got some sweeet claymation going on, but people are gonna call u a bitch for rippin' off of knox (>.<) yea but w/e it was still prtty good

Pretty good

I liked this, except the choppy-ness bugged me and the whole matrix style rotating scene was poorly done. Still, good job, tone it down with the music and sound effects.

finnaly some competition for knox

good claymation but buy a microphone and dont put silly music on it only with that you ill be a match for knox

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4.16 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2003
1:37 PM EDT
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