the punisher (victim:tom)

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This is my second submission to the portal! the Fight of the year!!! Enjoy It! Just Joking tom! :P



next time kill the maker of evil in music

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I liked this one. It's also about damn time......

that someone made a Flash film with one of my absolute favorite bad-ass anti heroes, The Punisher!!!!! You did a decent job with the graphics because you came with an idea for Shotgun Man. Although most of the graphics were either taken from games, comic books, or cam grab pictures, you still utilized them nicely. I liked the overall plot (which was NOT meant to harm Tom in ANY way of course!), and the whole knife fight between The Punisher and Shotgun Man. Of course Shotgun Man is NOTHING in comparison to my favorite killing machine, but he did manage to land a few bows before The Punisher decapitated him. It just goes to show you that The Punisher is one of the ultimate killing machines ever. Why? Because his mentality is "If you're guilty....you're dead." I like The Punisher's style. :-> What was up with the Nirvana though? It was cool, but I was expecting something darker. Nonetheless, I liked this movie.

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Awesome shit! Heheh... I want more Ways to kill Tom. Pure genious.. I'm writing a short review because I need to go get some peanut butter... So I'll shut the hell up now.


Holy lord that was funny as fuck! sorry tom but it was funny seeing you beg for mercy. you are still the greatest though. good work with the cartoon dude.

I was expecting something a little.... more....

I was hoping that this would be something akin to those Robocop submissions, but alas, no dice (though if he did decide to do one... that would ROCK!!!). Well, I suppose very few people are any near the artist that that guy is, and the scanned comic images are preferable to the usual crude stick figures ass-romping each other you see far too often here. Anyway, I thought it was creatively edited using these images, and for only a 2nd submission it was very good. It shows a lot of promise, but I hope in the future we'll see the ultra violent super bad-ass Puni we all know and love.

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2.46 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2001
4:28 PM EST
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