Eskimo Bob 9

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we found a narwhal!



Well that was alittle harsh to the poor little sea creature but i did like the joke and i think the only reason that it worked so well was because of your voice acting efforts. Although at the start it was alittle hard to hear, i eventually was able to understand you once the episode got rolling. I thought that the graphics were alittle weak but i think thats the style you were aiming for in this and i thought that the character designs were well done though the creature seemed alittle simple. Backgrounds were the part that needed the most work it all seemed just scraped together at the last moment to me. Overall i did find this quite funny for a good laugh.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Poor Narwhal!

Why couldn't Eskimo Bob help the Narwhal? He was so cute! I loved him! I want this Eskimo Bob to be edited and I want Eskimo Bob to help him! But anyway, that horn was a good musical instrument.

more loling

this one was a little predictable and i didn't like the narwhals voice that much, but its still a pretty funny movie

Was it just me or did EB speak Japanese?

uhh..btw, itsa good series.

God dammit...

Dammit Night-Fly, if you don't like this serie stop to watch it dumb! And stop to post anywhere that you don't like it!

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2001
1:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original