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ludas animans Ep. 1 Pt. 1

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Jul 29, 2003 | 6:45 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is my first flash movie so I hope it isn't too bad. I had started the concept of this series back in February or March when I watched a ton of sprite movies on this site. So I got the inspiration that "Hey, that would be fun to make."
Thus, I started ripping sprites from from fighting games while at the same time brainstorming what my series would be about. I had started making this series using fighting game characters, but I found it was pretty hard to manipulate them since they have so many frames. Finally, I came to the conclusion that 16 bit sprites would be a lot easier to use and so, I started all over again.
This is the end result, it took me a long time to actually get it finished since I was lacking in the sprite department, so through the course of making the movie, I had to stop on multiple occasions and rips sprites from many of my emulators. I got sprite sheets late in the movie making process, and that was for a certain Megaman Zero boss, and two NPCs. Everything else I did on my own.
In conclusion, I hope for my first movie that it is tolerable.

Oh, and the movie has buttons and automatic text, and it's hard to tell which ones are clickable. I'll try and fix this on my next movie.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It is decided...

I will post my first movie on newgrounds in a similar manner such as this one, it fits my style, its not that bad, has okay animations without the need of any fancy
"gimmicks" and a big enough background to support the whole thing...definiatly
a style of flash good for that of my standards...I feel motivated now basically, now I can post my video without much care. >_> after I finish it...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice...

I'm just wondering what you used to make this?

KNanakase responds:

Super late response:

Swish Max - The program I use to animate. Though for this particular episode I used Swish2
Corel Paint Shop Pro - To edit sprites and backgrounds, and make special effects
Animation Shop - To make animated sprites
Acoustica Audio Mixer - to make music loops and edit sound effects
Wave Pad - To add effects to sound effects


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I haven't seen many sprite movies, but people who can do the whole 'pixel art' thing amaze me. It must take a hell of a lot of clicking, ne? Anyway, I won't say anything til' I've seen the whole of episode one in case I get anything wrong, but it looks decent so far.

Still hold a vendetta against pre-Nintendo-DS music, though. =_=

KNanakase responds:

Heh, I hope you liked it. Back then I was barely learning flash so I'm not to pleased with how the episode turned out after all this time since I know I could have done better. I almost feel like remaking it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This looks to be a very promising series. The animation is good and the music better. The music and characters come from some of my favorite games, and that is what makes this great. Keep up the good work.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

really good!

I really liked the story and the music it made ur movie exiting. I remember a long time ago watching this but it ended befor the casino. I really like ur movie and cant wait to watch the rest. Only flaw was a bit small and the fact that there was some times stop and go text, and some times done its own. ur timing for the ones you left on their own was fine. So trust in ur judgement and dont mix up the text types. I cant wait to watch the rest. I also I have something important I wanna discuss with you. Your e-mail is not listed, and NG doesnt like ppl puting in web stuff. Could you click on my user name and e-mail me so i can get ahold of you. Thanks now to watch the rest!