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foamy sucks part 2

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Author Comments

by teh way..... these are real reviews...

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booo this submission off of newgrounds it wasnt funny and come on if your going to bash something at least make it funny. i like the clocks i like foamy but this was just lame...

funny how he gets reviews he dont like removed...

Whoopie doo, you bashed the Foamy fandom. You get a gold star!
However, if you are going to use a speech engine learn where you might be able to "add" a few things. Like instead of "Foamy Good" from Foamy = Good you might actually have the dang thing say "Foamy Equals Good" (This is actually constructive Critisim) Theres a few spots where you could learn a few things on how to use that program right however I belive your Knowledge with flash (There I changed it, happy?) is too low to even comprehend what I have posted.
I'm not partial to Foamy but you haters are about 100x worse. Just get back to designing your own flash movies and get on with your pathetic pre-teen lives. Mebby if you hit puberty you might grow up some. Discover girls or somethin. Perhaps booze and fast cars without a seatbelt.


showing all foamy fuckers how stupid they sound then mercifully decapitating the squeaky bitch... Golden.

Nothing Good here

Your attacking the Reviewers? do you know how Stupid that is? So what a few people are terrible spellers and don't proof Read. I would seriously read a million of poorly written reviews then to watch one more second of your dumb soda can thing. Face it Foamy rules and you my friend make a terrible flash. Besides the fact it's an obvious rip off of clock crew it was poorly poorly made.


Well, it was interesting, though the hyperstudio talk function got a little weird after a bit. I love Foamy and I think you're jealous of illwillpress' ratings. This wasn't the worst thing in the portal, but it wasn't good either.

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2003
8:00 PM EDT