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Incredible Screaming Cat

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UPDATE: Okay, okay. Whew. Cat's off the front page. False alarm, everybody. Please return to your homes.

This was my third installment and it's guaranteed to be the most horrible thing I've ever made. If you feel any seizures, nausea, annoyances, or feel compelled to throw away your computer while watching it, SHUT THE CARTOON OFF. I don't want to be held responsible for the demonic implications of this cartoon. It has little to no good animation whatsoever because I felt good animation would be wasted on this. I'm only posting it because it made milk come out of my brother's nose.

The audio is done entirely by me, including that BOM noise. I could only make that noise once in my life, so enjoy it while you can. Also, sorry about the premature endings - for some reason, I think they're funny. So enjoy this terrible cartoon while you can. Have a nice day!

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I couldn't understand this. I actually have in fact heard of a farting cat before. All the cat did was fart. That was a lot more entertaining than this. I'm not sure which came first. It wasn't a cat screaming. It was a cat farting.

It was kind of funny to have all that text at the beginning. It set up how ridiculous it was. I at least liked to know the history. This is one of your lesser submissions. You've done far better ones.

Maybe I would have found this hilarious if I was 12. ]

Ah well what can you do?


I think this was very funny you made me look at cats a different way


omg hahahahahhhahahahaqhhahahahha
good one

Wow, that was a surprise.

I seen the terrible artwork and thought, "Oh boy, another random scream flash full of prepubescent screaming into a mic that's inside of their mouth." But I was somewhat wrong. The art was terrible, the voice acting left alot to be desired, no plot, and yeah.... But sometimes all that bad can make something good. Lol, I laughed really hard through the whole thing. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be funny at all.