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Stupid Cop

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Author Comments

This is the first movie i had record myself and i don't think you will understand am i saying so here it is: "freeze!".

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Hey this was short but for some reason I think I might of pointlessly laughed lol (it felt like it anyway) I'm planning on reviewing all of your stuff lol I love it! (Keep up the south park stuff they rock!)

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks alot! Glad you likey :)

It was fine

It was a pretty nice movie, not something too special which made me laugh hardly or get excited or sometrhing, but it was nice. The graphics is pretty good, the background which you built is very good and it seems like reality (just a bit brighter). the charecters are also pretty well drawn, but the one who pushed's hair is ugly. The cop wasn't really well drawn, his head should be drawn ebtter, so as his uniform. The script the movie has is pretty simple and it wasn't that funny actually. You need to work a bt more on the script to make it better and funnier. I also must tell you that the part in the end it turns to "Again" is genious. Anyway, it is a ncice movie, well done.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks for the 7!
Very short movie indeed, with not much into it :P
Thanks for reviewing :)


I love all of your submissions cept this one. too short and bad sound quality.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

That's ok, it's just random music that matched.. I guess.
Indeed too short :P


This is something out of the ordinary. Was this one of your first flashes? If so, i wont be nagging about your drawing skills.

Let's see..... a guy pushes out a girl through the window, girl falls, policecar rolls in the scren, policeman steps out and screams ''Freeze!'', girl freezes, STOP!

That was pretty funny when the girl froze, litterally. But that didn't seem to slow the fall though.

CONTINUE, Girl smashes in the police car, STOP.

I looked somewhat well drawn when the car became shattered metal. But it also seems like due to where the girl landed, the cop didn't aim at her.

Overall, a slightly above average movie, with some good moments, even though the movie was pretty short.

- Frostbreath

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Yay above average, thanks! :D
I think that's a guy not a girl btw, but I can't tellol..
I dunno if it's one of my first, I used to make tons of stuff but alot were just drawings and try outs of loops or so.. So maybe :)
Liked to hear it had good moments considering its length (;D

I think this was one of your first flashes...

So I'll try to not bitch about how short this flash was. I'm going to simply ignore the length of the flash and say that this had nice humour in it. I mean, the stupid cop, it's clearly said on the flash title. Also, the person falling onto the police car was funny. So you've done some fine work in this flash.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Umm well im always saying thanks so i don't really have anymore to say now.. :P