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Megaman Dies (HR)

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Author Comments

Megaman Dies Is my first movie.. I dont expect people to love it, I just hope people get a Smile while watching it.
Update: Thanks for not blamming, lol

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given that u said ty for not blamming

u musta known this was bad..lol

It's not creative at all. First Megaman is a robot and robots don't have blood. This is just a 7 year old cartoon. No offense but you better mature.


megaman and sonic deserve not to die by yoshi!!!!!! I mean sonic would kill yoshi in 20 seconds!! anyway please make sure that sonic would kill yoshi any day!!!!!!!!!

u suck

megaman did deserve to die but NOT BY YOSHI!!!!!!!!! and sonic would have kiked yoshis faggot ass anyday and megamanX if way better any way

why i ada

kill you !!! damn you suck u let yoshi kill mega & sonic biatch