galactic stampede

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This is a full game so only download if youre ready to play. Its a big file so please dont vote zero if you cant download it. Please take time to write a review if you like I will read them all. This version has errors fixed and new sound and graphics.

Thanks everyone for playing and the nice comments. Im glad you enjoy it.

To clear things up, YES I did all the graphics myself, they are hand drawn and colored in Photoshop and are bitmaps in the flash game. It took a few months of work every night to just do the graphics cuz this is my first game and I was still learning it all.
If youre familiar with Space Quest you probably notice similarities. This is basically a game I made cuz they are never making any more Space Quests, or adventure games really, and I really like the genre and style and stuff. All the art is original, I didnt copy any of the backgrounds, but I can see how you may think I did, cuz they are so RAD. =}.. kidding, kind of.

If any one has suggestions or things they would like to see in Episode two, let me know in reviews or email me

or if any one wants to team up maybe and make a kick ass game, cuz I suck at programming.


Tight game

seriously crappy ending!!!
me want to win...

superturkle sez...

don't pay no never mind to people like nukeclock. i think his last entry to portal got blammed anyway. this game rocks hardcore. strongly reminiscent of Heavy Metal (the original, not the piece of shit sequel)

if the scale could go higher than 10, this would be getting a 15 for graphics. you have to see it to believe it.

interactivity = 9 because sometimes the messages wouldn't go away, and there didn't seem to be a way to exit the elevator panel screen without visiting a different floor.

all in all one of the most impressive entries i have ever seen.

I must say man...

I am an artist myself, not as old as you so not as much expierience but I'm a good artists and you know as an artists yourself that it's hard to be impressed, I must say, you have impressed me and thats not the easiest of things to do. I just have one question. What coding did you use for the hittest on objects cause I'm making a game myself and I'm trying to figure out the hitTest but am unable to do so, if you could tell me that'd be great. If you ever need a second artists for designing characters, doing voices, flash art, music or whatever, e-mail me, I'd be more then glad to do something with ya. (e-mails scarce_reality@yahoo.com) thanks for the entertainment man, keep up the good work.

The Best New Game On NG

YO, ThAT GAME IS HHHOTTTTTTTTTTT! There better be a sequel, because I was waiting forEVER to see tha end..man, that would b off da chainz! I thought it was gonna suck ass cuz of tha title and all, but it is HOT!


I am in awe...I have never seen such a fabulous game in my entire life...(flash mx..) I hope you will make another one or a second instalment... Maybe adding more items quest and a few side quest would be fun...just looking at the backgrounds and the differents perspective made me drewl...It must've took quite a while to create such a masterpiece..I personaly think I have talent but next to you...I am looking for a ''teacher''...Id be willing to learn if you would teach me... I'll be waiting for an answer soon!

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2003
5:23 PM EDT
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