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This game should've been renamed X-Men Vs the Justice League. It's confused if it's a fighting game or Beat Em Up and can't decide. The fighting is poorly programmed. A time bonus screen ripped from Super Mario World. You get points for beating someone up? That only works in Beat Em Ups not fighting games. Batman is glitched out a bit too much. When you lose you get a baby crying sound effect and a reset button talk about cheap. The screen gets glitchy. The name of the game is in all caps. You should've also been able to play as Justice League Characters. The music is garbage. And lastly the game is too Goddamn short. Just 3 fights are you serious? A lot more effort would be appreciated overall 1\5 stars for it being so awful.

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1 Star for trying.

I could have lived with the limited selection of characters (even the fact that you can't play as the JLA), but the controls for this game are unforgivably bad. The characters can barely move, I can't tell when I'm hitting my opponent or they're hitting me, you can only jump straight up, and neither Cyclops nor Gambit appear to have projectile moves, even though Aquaman does. Also, Gambit and Psylocke seem to be broken (they keep walking in whatever direction you last pushed).

Lastly, the artwork. The sprites appear to be taken from "X-Men 2: Clone Wars" for the Sega Genesis and "Justice League Task Force" for the Genesis and SNES. While this is fine, the art styles kind of clash with each other; I would've preferred original sprites with a matching style, if possible. In addition, the text used in the game is ... well, ugly as shit. Not only is it smooth and high-quality (completely clashing with the pixelated quality of the game; if you're going to make it pixelated, make the whole game pixelated), but it's implemented terribly. The "shadowed" look ensures that it looks horrible both against the background of the scene (where it's difficult to see) and on the blue box that's there for no reason. Try outlined text instead of shadowed; black text with a white outline won't always be the best choice, but at least it doesn't look completely terrible.

Its ok I guess. Aquamans gay lol

two points to consider:
1) why did you make this horrifyingly bad attempt at marvel vs dc when you could have easily copied marvel vs capcom for the neo geo?

2) who did you pick to do the artwork? a 4th grader, it looks like hammered shit. and that's being merciful considering i have a whole storm of things to say that won't be allowed because of the space limit. it needs better artwork,sprites and some music. the graphics look like the nes and the character barely moves at all. it's like kabuki warriors in flash. i know you can do better.
1 star for originality. everything else is dog crap.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2001
8:02 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS