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I know what you will think after viewing this , it'll all be like WTF ?!? Why did anyone let this survive vote 0. Indeed if that is what you speculate about with your eye's and not the mind look inside yourself and ask even though it did not take as much effort wouldnt you really like to see a dancing cat than a animation that is purely fiction. Those Stick may be able to apear as if they are fighting in a animation but this Cat Really can dance



Well what you have caught in this picture is truely incredible, i have never seen a cat stand like that, its somewhat off putting and even a little creepy. I dont like the resolution of the picture either, it just looks like it has aged badly. This could have been better if you had taken it in a nicer location and sized the picture appropriately.


Very cute!


u no wat screw u guys it standing up this dude got talent god


^^Good Points^^
Low filesize. Also somewhat funny just for the fact that you were able to get it to pass judgment.

^^Needs Improving^^
You guaranteed my dancing cats, yet all I got from this was a stationary picture of a cat standing up. I saw no attempt to make him dance, in either animation or video form. Also, the image was resized poorly and was squished vertically :(


Well i can say this much: Your smart... you convinced the dumbarses out there that what you put there is a work of art when really it is just... stupid... if you captured a video of the cat dancing it would have been worthy to stay on NG but you didnt, its a still image... and not only would an animation have been better, nothing would have been better (IMO anyway) well at least you took a few seconds out of those sad, easy to way bastards who i want to fund my vacation (easy work just say something about injured children) And for the love of god, please PLEASE dont write a stupid reply to this comment... your last one was something like "Your unfit... go to a Gym" which just shows your lack of intelligence

Druganought responds:

Sigh is really all both of us can say

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Jul 10, 2003
12:39 PM EDT