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I've been working on this one for a short while now, inbetween uni and work, but ive finally gotten time to finish it. I had the idea for the imagery a while ago, but only once i heard the song Obsidan by Meshuggah, i decided to finally produce the idea in flash with the song backing it.

hmmm...Maybe my next animation will actually be funny?? Well, maybe not. Lets see if i can be bothered :D

Oh, and i finally fixed the sound.


Damn straight,

I like it, dark, violent and impressive.
The music suits the animation very well.

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Ummm odd

I dont quiet understand why the world was blowing up? and I didn't find the song too interesting or injoyable. I see that it took some time to make and it looked good but it didn't have anything else to it... no story or such.


I respect the time you put in on this.

Erm, A waste of good graphics

You definitly have a talent with flash, no doubting that. the music gave me a headache, theres 3 points gone, The movie had no story line or point, 2 more points gone, And the music cut off in the middle so thats 1 more point cut off. you did a very good job graphic wise though, But this cartoon reminds me of what so many video games are today, All graphics, nothing else. eye candy. Morons who dont know whats what brought this cartoon above 3.00. Try again, but make a decent story line, and.. erf, music that dosent hurt and cut off.... But otheriwse, good job my friend!

Meshuggah rules.......

Good Choice............Meshuggah, the band is from sweden and so am I. keep Up The Good Work.

P.S........Got the latest album???

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2003
7:47 AM EDT
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